Wednesday, December 30, 2009

难寻找 - Nan Xun Zhao

One of my latest demos. This song is inspired by the recent unhappiness around me. The mixture of jealousy, poverty, stress, fear. Hope that this song can encourage the people around me who has been facing difficulties in life, including myself.

Played and recorded by Reirei
Sung by YANXIN

Recent Mini Gig (泛形溢彩)

Was recently involved in a mini gig at Kandahar Street. This event is currently held every alternate week and tentatively, i'll be the piano accompanist for subsequent shows. See me at the back of the picture? Accompanying Jiayi on her song WO HEN WO AI NI originally by AH MEI. 

This event is to actually a sharing of our mentor, Mr Ken Zhang's teaching pedagogy of Singing - 形彩流。The singers are actually Mr Zhang's students who's been learning from him. As a pianist myself, it's interesting accompanying these singers on stage. Our next show is this coming Saturday, 2nd January 2010 8pm at 52 Kandahar Street. 


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Decided to set up a blog to share about music. Hope to get some support.