Thursday, January 28, 2010


My own 11pm. That's the title of this song. Looking for a lyricist to fill in the lyrics of this piece i came up with. The main melody is played by the Celesta. So anyone of you out there who's keen, please email me at

Really miss you so much. The times we went out every weekend, that time when i taught you how to play the song we heard at the ktv, when we had so much fun. 11pm is now spent all by myself. 11pm became such a stranger. What i want to do is emember the happy times we had, poking fun of you, calling you names, disturbing you while you're asleep, eating our favorite beef noodles.



I was interviewed on 100.3fm on the 18th of December. It was a fun and interesting experience. Basically had the DJ Ken, asking us about song writing dilemma, process, reviews with the Lee brothers etc etc. Most importantly my song got played on air that night. HAHAHA. Well, this is one of the demos: